About Me

Hello! Welcome to the global forum – a forum for presenting and sharing views and ideas. Ideas that show us the world from another perspective. Ideas and views to steer towards a better world.

I am an Information Systems manager in sunny Southern California by profession and a global gypsy by heart. I am the author of Mumbai Matinee and through ‘the global forum’, I hope to share and discuss different perspectives based on my travels, experiences and observations across the globe. I am an avid traveler and have been to all 7 continents. I am immensely fascinated with the cultural, social, historic and geographic diversity across the globe, but disappointed with the state of literacy, poverty and women empowerment.

So let’s discuss, debate and paint – a better future for planet Earth!!!

16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Ajay, Found your comment via T-Bird LinkedIn. I also visited the Occupy group while I waited for the Qualcomm discussion Oct 10. I was wearing a shirt and tie, so suspect from the start, but got into a discussion about Communism with a nice young man who saw me looking at a book on Russia. After 20 years in Russian business, I have my opinions. See http://www.fandresen.com
    Fred Andresen, Author, “Walking on Ice, An American Businessman in Russia”

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